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Consign with MONA


At MONA we are always welcoming new consignors. Items must be 2-3 years or newer and in great condition, freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Accounts are opened with a minimum of 10 or more pieces.

We accept consignment 

Wednesday - Saturday only between 10 am-4 pm

If we are with clients when you arrive we will promise to look at your items as soon as we are able (within 24 hours) We will then ask you to come back and pick up the items (within 24 hours) we won't take or we can donate them to

Artemis PlaceQuadra Village, & Wear 2 Start.

Sometimes we are overstocked & aren't able to accept as many items as we would like.

If you are interested in a buyout of your items please let us know. 

A good way to see if your items are what we are looking for is by sending us a photo on Instagram DM or by email. We can then let you know if we have room for your pieces.

We will not accept any items that have stains, aren't freshly laundered or dry cleaned and have any odour at all such as perfume, musty smell, smoke or deodorant. (no exceptions)

Consignment Tips


Make sure your items are freshly laundered or dry-cleaned. Any items with stains or odour will be rejected. All shoes must be clean of mud and dirt.


We accept items that are no more that 3 years - if you feel the item is timeless we will certainly have a look. You must have a minimum of 10 pieces to start an account.
(some exceptions apply)


We are a small store so please let us know before hand if you are bringing in more than 50 pieces.


If you would like to be offered a buyout please let us know.  

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